Premium Content lady oilers basketball 11/5/17

On Tuesday The Lady Oilers fought an intense game where the final score was 51-50 Pearland the victor.
The game had to go into overtime because the other team was constantly on there tail. Thanks to our players not giving up They were able to continue to be in the lead.

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-Christopher Jolly


Premium Content Lady Oilers Basketball vs. Cougars

In this game Pearland started off hard and slowed down at the end due to the cougars hard defense and slowly making a comeback. At the end cougar was growing up on the Lady Oilers but sadly didn’t manage to get enough time.

Congrats to Macey Braswell for keeping up the hard work for her two other injured teammates by filling in for point guard and getting the points for her team.

There are a lot more games to come so good luck Lady Oilers

Christopher Jolly,


Premium Content Pearland vs Dawson part 2 Dawson wins

Friday was the big game, The Pearland Oilers and the Dawson Eagles played at The Rig in hometown rivalry. Both teams played very well and it was such a close game, The Dawson Eagles won 38-35. For Dawson, Running back Darrius Smith Did a great job, Offense line played outstanding, defense came out when they needed them, and Clair Jefferess got the final kick.
It was a very exciting game no matter who you went for, we wish both teams luck in their future games.

– Christopher Jolly, Alejandro,